Keeping nick-knacks in control

knick-knacks all together

I apologize for the low-quality of this picture, but it gives you an idea of my love for nick-knacks. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE nick-knacks!!!!

The trouble is, what do you do when your nick-knacks get a bit out of hand?

As hard as it is for me to declutter my precious little models, I was running out of shelf room.

My game plan was simple. Get rid of it if I bought it on a whim or if I bought it because I had money burning a hole in my pocket.

During some of my antique shop shopping trips, I wouldn’t necessarily see something I loved, but I didn’t want to leave empty handed. This would lead me to buy stuff that I really shouldn’t have.

In the end, I had a set of four bunny models, a Hummel, and a little bottle of rose quartz that I was able to get rid of, which has given my shelves some breathing room. I should probably continue to do more, but I’m grateful for progress. 🙂

Loving less to choose from

Technically, I haven’t gone crazy minimalist with my closet. I still have about 50-60 shirts (winter and summer), but my life has already been simplified drastically! We forgot we had to go somewhere one day, and we only had like ten minutes to get ready. I quickly looked at my closet. The first shirt I saw I had worn recently, so I didn’t grab it. The second shirt was perfect! Done. No having to shove clothes to the side while trying to find what I want. Having less has already saved me time and made my wardrobe simpler.

Application, just start clearing things out little by little. You will love the results.