Five Animals That Teach Us to Trust God 4) Sparrows


“Are not five sparrows sold for two copper coins? And not one of them is forgotten before God. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.” Luke 12:6-7

Birds are powerful teachers because God certainly uses them in analogies often. One point that can be taken from the verse above is that God sees worth in things that humans devalue. I’ve never put any thought into the lives of the sparrows around me. They live – they die. As heartless as this might sound, I am honestly unconcerned about the birds chilling in my backyard. But God is attentive to their needs. He keeps track of birds that most people consider cute, but utterly useless. The other thing that can be deduced from these verses is that God never ever forgets – very much unlike us humans. If someone tried to number the hairs on a head, they would not succeed in the first place, but even if they did I highly doubt that they would remember the number! God remembers and cares about things that seemingly do not have value – nothing is too insignificant to bring to His attention.


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