A Week Without Wi-Fi – Days 3 & 4


Go here to read the introduction to this series.

Day 3 Forlorn, Forsaken, Unconnected  9/4/17

Today is Monday, thus there was a mass exodus of people leaving to go home. The camp ground feels forsaken. I can no longer people watch as I did over the weekend, so I switched to spying on the chipmunks.

People naturally desire companionship. While we may enjoy some alone time, we will eventually find ourselves looking for someone to hang out with. The offer of instant camaraderie is what makes social media appealing. At first glance, it appears to be constant companionship right at our finger tips, but is it? Perhaps it is just a cheap substitute that only makes us lonelier and lonelier.

Since I have nothing to do (besides watching chipmunks), I have decided to give my brain some exercise. I have been reading The Christian Imagination on this trip. It is a very deep, knowledge packed book. Sometimes I struggle to keep up. This made me realize that my normal entertainment sources are very shallow. I am never forced to work my mind to understand a YouTube video or Instagram post. I need to exercise my brain more by reading books and articles I do not fully comprehend, even if the exercise leaves me mentally sore.


Day 4 – Enjoying Nature  9/5/17

Today we drove over to the reservoirs in order to get cell service. I quickly checked my emails (nothing too important) and then sat back to enjoy the scenery. There was a beautiful meadow brimming with vibrant yellow flowers. Several stately pine trees stood in the middle of the meadow. It looked just like a scene Bob Ross would paint. Then we drove down to the Little Colorado River. The river was gorgeous, but I was distracted from its beauty by a group of purple butterflies and a moth on the ground. I definitely pay more attention to my surroundings when I am Wi-Fi free. I also talk to mom constantly when I am phoneless. I think she is enraptured by all the attention I am bestowing upon her. Either that, or I am driving her crazy.



One thought on “A Week Without Wi-Fi – Days 3 & 4

  1. Hey Audrey! I recently came across your blog and it looks awesome! Looking through your articles and what you’ve written on the Do Hard Things website, you remind me so much of a girl called Therese of Liseux, also known as the Little Flower. She was big into living simply for God and championed Little Hard Things through what she called her ‘little way’. I’d highly recommend reading up on her, even if you’re not Catholic, she’s definitely an inspiration for all Christians and wrote about things you seem to be interested in. Again, love your work and God bless !


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