A Week Without Wi-Fi – Days 7 & 8

Little Colorado River

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Day 7 – Chatting with Meredith 9/8/17

Today was a slow, lazy day. We devoured brunch and then drove to the Little Colorado River, where we relaxed for about three hours. I walked Bella, our Doberman, down the middle of the river. She was not happy and kept lunging for the banks. It was pretty entertaining; I was cracking up. Poor doggy!

Later when we returned to camp, I chatted with Meredith, my younger sister, a little bit. I usually have technological distractions when I am with my sisters. I realized how good it felt to just chat distraction-free. I should really do it more often.

Day 8 – Rethinking Technology Use 9/9/17

Tomorrow we are driving home, and I am rethinking my normal technology use. It has been excellent having a week free from internet and Wi-Fi, and I want to apply that lifestyle at home. There are three habits in particular that I want to focus on:

  • I want to be more targeted with my tech use. While camping, I have still had access to downloaded music and sermons. However, when I use technology up here, I only listen to one thing at a time without doing anything else. At home I often web surf, check the same website way too many times in one day, or listen to clean-but not uplifting-music. And I often do all these things simultaneously. At home, I have two and a half hours where the internet on my computer is open to social media. I should cut the nightly two hours to just one hour so my evenings are more productive.


  • I want to spend more of my free time reading. If you choose your books carefully, you will always be able to gain insight from reading. I have so many books I want to read, and I need to dedicate more of my free time to accomplishing my reading goals. On this trip, I have read about 237 pages total because I have been focused.


  • I want to spend more time with God. Without internet, I almost always spend more time with God. I have read my Bible every day this trip, which does not always happen at home.

All in all, I think it is possible to execute a technology-minimal life with self-discipline and written guidelines. Our minds do not function well when they are constantly bombarded by technological distractions. This camping trip has made me realize the importance of minimizing unnecessary technology usage.  After all, there is a full, amazing, breathtaking life to be lived outside of internet and technology!

Photo credit: birderfrommaricopa.com




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