Trading Prince Charming for the Prince of Peace

king-1304612_1280Recently, two videos snagged my attention. In the first, a YouTube celebrity expressed her grief over the breakup with her boyfriend. In the second, Michelle, the widow of Christian apologist Nabeel Qureshi, explained how she was handling her husband’s death. Their opposite strategies for processing grief revealed where their hope truly rests.

The celebrity YouTuber was crushed because life had revolved around her boyfriend. In the aftermath of their breakup, she not only had to cope with his absence, but other damaged relationships that she failed to maintain while she was pouring everything into her boyfriend. While fighting back tears, she came to the conclusion that we just need to seek happiness.

On the contrary, Michelle immediately acknowledged that although she had lost Nabeel, she had not lost God. Nabeel provided for her for a season, but God was her true source of all provision. God used Nabeel in her life, and He would continue to provide for her in his absence. She refuses to label herself as a “widow” or a “single mom” because first and foremost, she is a child of the one true King. While she is still processing her emotions, the grief is not destroying her.

Both these women lost the love of their life, but one is crumbling and the other is steadfast. Why? Because Michelle never lost sight of her everlasting identity – daughter of God.

Ladies, we naturally desire that special guy in our lives, but we must realize three truths.

  1.  We may never have a “significant other”.
  2. We could lose that significant other through death or a break up.
  3. We can never find lasting peace and happiness in another person.

Even though a significant other can fail us, die, or simply never enter our lives, if you have a relationship with Jesus you are never left alone. You may not have Prince Charming, but you always have the Prince of Peace. People constantly shift and slide, but Jesus is rock solid. He will always be peace and stability in our lives.

Here are four verses that show us the role God plays in our life:

  • He is the firm foundation, the unmovable rock, the only One who will never fail us. (Psalm 18:2)
  • Jesus is to us Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and the Prince of Peace. (Isaiah 9:6)
  • While many relationships leave people bruised and broken, our relationship with God heals and restores us. (Psalm 103:2-4)
  • Jesus turns our mess, our brokenness, and our ashes, into something beautiful. (Isaiah 61:3)

Expecting peace and satisfaction from another person is placing an unfair burden on their shoulders–one that they cannot possibly carry. Rather, we should turn our desire for peace and stability to the only one who can satisfy–Jesus Christ. Due to the changing nature of humans, we should never find our identity and value in another individual. We have already been given an everlasting identity–a daughter of the One True King. Regardless of whether you meet Prince Charming, you can know that the Prince of Peace is always by your side, constantly comforting, counseling, and loving you.



2 thoughts on “Trading Prince Charming for the Prince of Peace

  1. Audrey, I hope young ladies will hear and heed the wise and biblical counsel you share here! The reminder of who we are and whose we are in Christ is needed for young men too, so they could benefit from what you have to say as well.


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