Face Your Inadequacy with God’s Strength


One of my greatest passions in life is writing and researching. However, like all passions, I often discover that my current skill and talent levels are far too inadequate for the tasks I want to accomplish. Recently, I started to work on a writing project that I began last year (and have not touched for months). As I began scanning the document, I felt completely overwhelmed. It was so much more disorganized than I remembered it to be, and I quickly realized that most of the words just repeated my personal opinion over and over again.

Yet, right as I was feeling completely inadequate to the task ahead of me, I remembered the stories of people behind me who were completely unequal to the jobs they were called to. God can use weak people to carry out his work in extraordinary ways. Here are some examples:

1)      Nehemiah-From Cup Bearer to City Leader

Nehemiah was the king’s cup bearer, until God flipped his life upside down. Nehemiah felt called to help Jerusalem rebuild its walls. He obeyed, and the wall rebuilding project was finished in record time. However, he was no master builder.  He did not possess any architectural or project management skills, and his cup bearing skills were obviously useless in this scenario. To make the situation more complicated, enemies intent on stopping the building project were bearing down on all sides, right in the middle of construction! From a natural perspective, Nehemiah was the very worst candidate for this job. Despite his lack of military leadership and construction skills, he still completed the job that God called him to, and it in record time at that.

2)        Mary- An Unlikely Choice

Mary was just a young teenager when the angel appeared to her and told her that she would have a son. Mary was as ordinary as they come, an unlikely candidate to carry and then take care of the son of God. Even worse, she was then unmarried – basically a single mom! In her society, she would have been looked down upon with scorn for becoming pregnant before marriage. In our society, we would see someone like Mary, a young, pregnant teenager, and think her to be completely irresponsible and incapable of raising a child. But God called Mary to do just that, and she succeeded in her God-given mission.

3)      Abraham and Sarah-Facing Impossible Circumstances

Abraham and Sarah were faced with an irreversible obstacle – old age. God had promised them a child, but Sarah was ninety and Abraham was one hundred years old when they actually had their son, Isaac. As time wore on, Abraham and Sarah were forced to either hang on to God’s promise or give up entirely on having a family. After all, it was humanly impossible for them to bring God’s reality to pass on their own. Thankfully, they hung on and God delivered (no pun intended). As God is not intimidated by natural impossibilities, we should face seemingly impossible circumstances knowing that we have a supernatural God on our side!

4)        Josiah-Overwhelming Responsibility

Josiah was only eight years old when he was made King of Israel. Knowing the typical nature of little kids, I can imagine that this reign was rather chaotic. After all, Josiah was starting out with zero experience, knowledge, wisdom, or maturity! But Josiah turned to wisdom that was greater than himself. In his weakness, God’s word supplied him with direction. Josiah knew that weakness is not a boundary; it’s really just an opportunity to ask God for help!

Just like Nehemiah, Mary, and Josiah, God will call us to complete missions that are outside of our realms. We may consider ourselves as being too old, too young, or not skilled enough, but God doesn’t pay attention to limitations. As the end of 2 Corinthians 12:10 says, “For when I am weak, then I am strong.”

When we are faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges, we can remind ourselves that we are children of the One True God, who turns hopeless situations into miracles.




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