Halloween-Let Your Light Shine

Psalm 34 8 candy bar

Opinions about Halloween rage within the Christian community. Some Christians believe that practicing Halloween is second only to witch craft and tightly lock their doors. Others fully embrace the opportunity to poor fake blood on their costume of choice and automatically label themselves a zombie.

While my family does not embrace the death aspect of Halloween (no fake blood here!), we do see it as an excellent opportunity to be a positive influence in our neighborhood. Rather than curse the darkness, we strive to be the light. We usually dress up in historically themed costumes. My younger sisters troop around the neighborhood, gathering all the candy they can carry. I sit perched on our couch, eagerly awaiting the sounds of excited trick or treaters.

My friend Anna told me that her family buys large candy bars and tapes Bible verses to the back. I thought that was a fantastic idea, so I spent most of Halloween day finding appropriate Bible verses and sticking them to the backs of chocolate bars.

While most of the trick or treaters did not seem to notice the verses, a few were instantly fixated. One boy who appeared to be around eight/nine years old stopped and read the verse out loud on our doorstep!

We had a huge group of teenagers raid our candy supply (some of whom I knew). One girl who I already knew to be a Christian saw the verse and automatically said, “Oh cool, Bible verses!”. One of her friends responded, “You are so weird.” I felt it necessary to jump in, saying, “She’s not weird!” The friend backpedaled then.  That was the most negative reaction we received.

I will most definitely be taping more Bible verse to candy bars next year. I used 1 John 4:18, Psalm 34:8, and 1 Timothy 6:17 for most of the candy bars. I found Psalm 136:9, a verse that mentions the moon and stars, for the Milky Way bars.

four different verses candy barscandy bar box 2



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