My Change of Opinion on Birth Control


Because I am currently single and saving sex for marriage, I have absolutely no need for birth control. But I am learning about birth control because I believe it is important for women to understand contraception before they have to choose for themselves if they will use it. Women will make better choices if they have time to research before they are under pressure to decide.

I have always been under the mindset that once married, I would probably use birth control. This seems like the obvious course of action. After all, doesn’t every woman use birth control at some point in her life? While I have always believed that any kind of birth control that may cause an abortion is evil, I didn’t see anything wrong or dangerous about birth control itself.

In my musings about family planning, the Duggar family would always come to mind. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar do not use any kind of birth control. It appears that their married children have followed in their footsteps. The Duggar family has nineteen biological children, and most of the married Duggar children had a baby within their first year of marriage. I admire the Duggar family, but the thought of having nineteen children or having a child within the first year of marriage is scary to me. This is probably why I thought I would use birth control once married.

However, I recently discovered information that changed my opinion on birth control. Even though most people support birth control, it is dangerous to blindly accept society’s approval of contraception. After all, there are always at least two sides to every issue. Birth control is actively promoted in our society. But just because “everyone” supports something does not guarantee that it is the correct course of action. Rather than following the crowd, everyone should do their own research and develop their own educated opinion.

Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood director, gave an intriguing speech on birth control that reformed my perspective. As a former Planned Parenthood director, she actively promoted birth control, but now her beliefs have completely changed. While I could write more about Abby’s speech, I couldn’t possibly convey her incredible message in this short blog post. She skillfully weaves facts about birth control into her own story. Abby is a hysterical, engaging, and honest speaker. Whether birth control is something you are actively considering, or it has never crossed your mind, I highly recommend watching this speech.

Here is the link:

Abby Johnson speaks up about birth control

In case the link does not work for you, the speech is titled, “Abby Johnson speaks up about contraception” and is on the YouTube channel Natural Womanhood.


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