Bold and Broken – Witty, Intriguing, and Powerful

Bold and Broken picture

Although they are former professional baseball players and successful entrepreneurs, twin brothers David and Jason Benham are perhaps better known as valiant warriors, defending God’s truth in a culture of lies. Their latest book, Bold and Broken, is all about how Christians can connect Heaven to earth through living out God’s love for humanity. To be effective connectors, Christians must be both bold and broken in their everyday lives.

God’s power is still working through people.

While the Benham brothers are excellent Biblical teachers, Bold and Broken is mainly built on stories of how God has worked in their lives and the lives of those around them. This book contains a variety of stories, some crazy and entertaining, others insightful and sobering. All the stories show that ordinary people can experience God’s power in their lives in extraordinary ways when they surrender to Him.

Both extreme acts and mundane faithfulness can allow Heaven to touch earth. I was encouraged by the powerful reminder that our everyday life is our ministry ground. For example, The Benhams filled an entire chapter with stories of ministering to people on their many flights. The Benhams walk through how connecting Heaven to earth has played out in every stage of their lives – from their time in baseball, to their present time in business, family life, and culture wars.

This book also shows how God’s miraculous saving power is still in the world today, no matter how dark the culture may seem. The Benham brothers tell story after story of how God’s love broke down a hostile person and allowed them to receive Jesus. We should never discount anyone  – they may be just one step away from receiving Jesus!

Every weakness is an opportunity to overcome.

With their toughness and CrossFit sculpted bodies, the Benham brothers can appear invincible, almost like Christian superheroes. The greatest strength of this book, however, is that they are honest and vulnerable about their own struggles. They reveal their troubles and times of fear, but most importantly they share how they overcame and how God transformed the situation.

Often, people on the outside only see the victory and totally miss the process towards achieving that victory. The Benham brothers give the backstories to their victories, revealing God’s miracle-working power and the faith and persistence required on their part.

Incredibly entertaining, but horrible in the grammar department.

To make the book just a little bit more fun, the Benhams include chapters from several guest writers who enriched the message of the book through the diversity of their life experiences.

This book is witty. I experienced many laugh-out-loud moments as I was reading. The Benhams never fail to use hysterical analogies. Their lighthearted writing style is delightful.

Even though the writing style is casual, this book has an inexcusable number of grammatical errors (around thirty-two) many of which are typos.  I have contacted the publisher about this – Salem Books – but have not received a response. Hopefully, this book goes through a rewrite because the original editor was asleep on the job.

This book is an enjoyable read, with short chapters that are easy to smack through in a limited amount of time. It nurtured my faith and gave me hope that God’s love and power can work miracles in any situation. If you are seeking guidance and training (like I am) on how to reach people for Christ, this book is a fantastic resource!

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