Blind and Autistic Performer on America’s Got Talent Demonstrates That Every Person Is a Gift

Kodi Lee 2

Twenty-two year old blind, autistic singer Kodi Lee is making history on America’s Got Talent with his powerful renditions of “A Song For You” and “Bridge Over Troubled Waters”. He has blown away the audience and judges with his incredible voice and piano skills.

Kodi’s joy and enthusiasm are evident from the moment he walks on stage. By pouring himself into his music, Kodi deeply impacts everyone around him. His passion, talent, and authenticity can be felt in every performance. With his music, Kodi brings the audience and judges to tears.

Kodi has earned standing ovations from the judges and audience. He also won the golden buzzer from judge Gabriel Union during his first performance, propelling him forward to the Quarter Finals.

In an interview with ExtraTV, Kodi’s mom Tina said that Kodi began playing piano at the age of two. While he takes music and voice lessons to sharpen his skills, he has always been a natural musician. He gave his first performance at Disneyland when he was just six years old and has continued to play in over 350 events.

In his first America’s Got Talent performance, Tina shared how despite the challenges Kodi faces due to his blindness and autism, music has brought joy and purpose to him from an early age. She even credits music with “saving his life” as it has given him an outlet to express himself even while being blind and autistic.

Whether or not Kodi wins season fourteen of America’s Got Talent, he has already won the heart of every person who has heard him perform.

Sadly, incredible people just like Kodi who have special needs are under intense attack before they are even born. Many children are under increased threat of being aborted just because of their disabilities, with some abortion advocates arguing that abortion saves a disabled person from a life of misery.

Every life is sacred and deserving of love and care. Every person with a disability has unique gifts and talents to share, a special light that he or she brings into this world that no one else can. When we discriminate against unborn children with disabilities, we extinguish a light in the world, allowing darkness to win.

After his performance, judge Gabriel Union commented that, “We have to stop putting limits on our children.” The worst limit we can place on our children is not allowing them the opportunity to live in the first place.

Instead of harming those with disabilities, let’s foster and nurture them, just like Kodi’s family does for him. When we bring out the best in people who have disabilities, they inherently bring out the best in us.

Who are we to determine if someone else deserves the right to live? Every time we allow an abortion to happen, we squelch what could have been an incredibly talented person like Kodi Lee. We not only have blood on our hands, but our world has lost potential. The judges on America’s Got Talent praised Kodi for the impact he is making with his talent, but he would not be making that impact if he had been aborted.

When we kill an unborn child, whether he or she has special needs or not, we snuff out not only a life made in the image of God, but also the talents and gifts God bestows upon each person.

After crying through Kodi’s first performance, judge Julianne Hough remarked, “Everyone needs a voice and an expression.” She is 100% correct. Every person, both born and unborn, deserves a voice. Since they cannot speak for themselves, we must serve as the voice for the unborn. We must remind the world that every unborn person holds vast potential and their own special place in the world, no matter their physical or mental condition.

After his booming success in the Quarter Finals, judge Simon Cowell said to Kodi, “We are nothing without people like you. . . . you are genuinely one of the most extraordinary people and talents we’ve had the great fortune to have on any show we’ve ever made.”

Just as Simon remarked, our world is truly empty without incredible people like Kodi. Every person is needed in the world, and we must protect and nurture those with disabilities, both born and unborn.

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